Video poker, a blend of traditional poker and electronic gaming, presents an intriguing challenge for players seeking a strategic edge. Beyond basic gameplay, mastering video poker demands advanced techniques and nuanced strategies to optimize outcomes and maximize winnings. Let’s delve into advanced strategies tailored for video poker enthusiasts looking to elevate their gameplay to the next level.

1. Perfecting Hand Selection

Optimal Card Hold Strategies

  • Embrace advanced card hold strategies tailored to each variant of video poker. Different games require nuanced approaches to card selection for maximizing potential wins.

Focus on High-Value Hands

  • Prioritize hands with higher expected values, such as straights, flushes, full houses, and royal flush draws. Understanding the rarity and potential payouts of these hands is crucial.

2. Analyzing Pay Tables and Variance

Study Pay Tables Intensively

  • Scrutinize pay tables to identify machines with higher payouts for specific hands. Variations in pay tables significantly impact overall odds and potential returns.

Manage Variance

  • Recognize the variance in different video poker games. Games with higher variance offer bigger payouts but also carry higher risks. Adjust betting strategies based on variance to maintain balance.

3. Leveraging Advanced Betting Strategies

Coin Denomination and Max Bet

  • Opt for the maximum number of coins based on your bankroll. In many video poker games, the royal flush payout is significantly higher with a maximum bet, impacting overall returns.

Progressive Jackpots

  • Assess the feasibility of playing progressive jackpot machines. Understand the impact of the jackpot on overall odds and adjust strategies accordingly.

4. Implementing Advanced Playing Tactics

Understanding Expected Value (EV)

  • Embrace the concept of Expected Value (EV) to assess the profitability of specific plays. Calculating the EV of different decisions guides optimal gameplay.

Play Speed and Accuracy

  • Balance speed and accuracy in decision-making. While faster play can increase the number of hands played, ensure accuracy in card selections for optimal results.

5. Practice and Continuous Learning

Utilize Training Software

  • Utilize video poker training software to refine skills and test advanced strategies without financial risk. These tools provide a controlled environment for practicing advanced techniques.

Study Strategy Charts

  • Delve into advanced strategy charts designed for specific video poker variants. Understand the logic behind these charts and implement them in gameplay.

6. Bankroll Management and Discipline

Effective Bankroll Management

  • Implement disciplined bankroll management strategies. Determine betting limits and avoid chasing losses, ensuring longevity in gameplay.

Emotional Control and Discipline

  • Maintain emotional control and discipline during gameplay. Avoid rash decisions driven by emotions or deviations from planned strategies.


Mastering video poker requires a blend of strategic thinking, in-depth analysis, and disciplined gameplay. Advanced techniques such as perfecting hand selection, analyzing pay tables, leveraging betting strategies, and implementing optimal playing tactics can significantly enhance your success in video poker. Continuous learning, practice, and disciplined bankroll management serve as pillars in navigating the complexities of video poker, transforming it from a game of chance to a skill-based pursuit where strategy and knowledge prevail.